IWL LunchLearns

IWL LunchLearns

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Integritas Workplace Law offers employers a range of general, as well as customized, training programs and coaching on a variety of workplace issues. Our workplace coaching & training includes a series of lunch & learn sessions – IWL LunchLearns – delivered at the employer’s workplace.


A typical challenge that organizations face, is providing training to employees without losing work time. Lunch and learn sessions address this challenge by making training available to employees during their lunch break.

Lunch and learns are also a creative and cost effective way for organizations to provide employees with training. These sessions are generally less formal than traditional training sessions and are ideal for topics that can be covered in one hour, or in short modules, over a couple of sessions.


  • It provides employees with an opportunity to increase their knowledge
  • It provides employees with an interesting alternative to their regular lunch break
  • It creates a culture of learning
  • It can lead to enhanced communication within the organization
  • It offers an opportunity for employees to engage with the organization in a less “formal” way
  • No work time is lost


IWL offers employers the following one-hour, LunchLearn sessions. Employers can select any one session, or as many sessions as they wish.recommended-firm-logo-1

  • Managing time effectively
  • Building an inclusive workplace
  • Unconscious Bias
  • The Art of Difficult Conversations
  • Civility in the workplace
  • Respectful communications
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment

Please contact Heather Hettiarachchi at 604-816-8577 or at iwl@telus.net to discuss content and cost.

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