Training and Coaching

Training and Coaching

Integritas Workplace Law offers employers a range of general, as well as customized, training programs and coaching for employees and management staff, on a variety of workplace issues.


Coaching and training helps to leverage individual strengths and abilities of employees, for optimum performance. By enabling behavioral shifts, coaching and training also encourages employees to think in new and innovative ways that are essential for meeting rapidly changing business demands effectively. Coaching and training not only leads to improved employee performance whereby employees become more innovative and productive, it also leads to greater employee engagement. In turn, this increases employee motivation and loyalty. Coaching also helps to build and enhance teams and improve management and leadership skills. With coaching and training, employees can fulfil their roles effectively, rather than simply going through the motions, or being proverbial square pegs in round holes.


  • Increased employee loyalty and retention
  • Increased employee skills and knowledge
  • Competitive advantage of a workforce with superior performance
  • Larger pool of candidates for succession planning
  • Optimal utilization of human resources
  • Enhanced communication within the organization
  • Strengthening of company culture and vision
  • Increased employee “buy in”


IWL offers employers a range of coaching and training services to organizations, including coaching and training relating to:

  • Performance management
  • Dealing with an ageing workforce
  • Succession planning
  • Building an inclusive workplace
  • Civility in the workplace
  • Respectful communications
  • Conducting workplace investigations
  • Harassment and discrimination

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