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Discriminatory Action Complaints

Employers have many obligations under the British Columbia Workers Compensation Act (the “Act”) and the related WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (the “Regulation”). Employer obligations include providing a safe workplace, establishing a valid... read more

Employer’s Duty to Inquire

McNish v. Electronics Boutique Canada and others, 2017 BCHRT 32 (“McNish”) a decision earlier this year by the BC Human Rights Tribunal on an application to dismiss, illustrates an employer’s duty to inquire about the need for accommodation, when it... read more

How to Conduct a Workplace Investigation

A poorly conducted workplace investigation can cost an organization a significant amount of money in wrongful dismissal damages and legal fees and also result in considerable negative publicity. Learn how to conduct a workplace investigation effectively by taking our... read more

Cocaine addiction not a bar to dismissal

In its recently released decision of Stewart v. Elk Valley Coal Corp, 2017 SCC 30, the Supreme Court of Canada held that an employer had cause to dismiss Ian Stewart, a mine worker, who tested positive for cocaine. Background Information Elk Valley Coal Corp. operated... read more

Dismissing a Probationary Employee

It is not uncommon for employment agreements to include a probationary clause. The rationale behind a probationary period is to enable the parties to determine whether a continued employment relationship is viable. While some employees may decide to leave of their own... read more

Who is a Dependent Contractor?

Employers are generally familiar with the distinction between an employee and an independent contractor. However, many may not be aware that there is a third category recognized by our courts – that of the dependent contractor. When placed on a continuum, the... read more

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