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Workplace Incivility

In today’s frenzied world, dominated by the unparalleled use of social media to viciously attack people, incivility appears to be on the rise in society at large, as well as in the workplace. While a rude, uncivil and inconsiderate work environment destroys morale and... read more

Employee’s Duty to Mitigate

When an employee is terminated without cause, the law requires the employee to mitigate his/her loss by diligently searching for alternative employment. In order to discharge this duty, the terminated employee must take steps that a reasonable person would take in the... read more

Video Surveillance and Employee Privacy

A very recent decision from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia (OIPC), 2017 BCIPC 58, is a reminder to employers about employee privacy and when it is acceptable to conduct video surveillance. Background In June 2017, a video... read more

Managing Employee Performance

Many organizations conduct formal performance reviews, typically once a year. While such reviews can be an invaluable tool for evaluating employees, if done poorly, without preparation, they can be counter-productive and harmful to the organization. For employee... read more

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